Monday, November 15, 2004

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today i spun!

I went to the gym today and took a spinning class led by a woman named Becky. It is always disheartening to take any sort of fitness class from a person who is overweight, and, unfortunately, Becky had a few extra rolls protruding from her black leotard. If the instructor is in amazing shape, then you feel like one day, if you just keep at it, you will be in amazing shape too. But if your instructor is a little chunky, then you feel like even if you keep at it for months, or even years, you might still be chunky. Still, I took the class, and only twenty minutes into it I felt like giving up. But there was a svelte blonde in the class who kept looking at me like she expected me to give up. And I wasn't going to give her that satisfaction. So I kept on going. Together, our class climbed imaginary hills as we listened to the Blue Man Group. Becky kept asking us to cheer, and I kept ignoring her. And before I knew it the class was over. I've lost eighteen pounds since the baby was born. I've got twenty more to go. She doesn't know it yet, but Becky will be seeing a lot more of me.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the day after

Let me just take one moment to express my disappointment in all (well mostly just the middle) of America this day after the election. Last night, I watched all my hopes slowly slip down the drain. Looking at the mostly red map this morning, I came to the conclusion that the people in this country are becoming mindless drones driven by misguided religion. Analysts say that voters chose Bush because of the war on terror and for moral reasons. What could be less moral than sending poor people's kids to their death in an unjust war, drilling for oil in Arctic Preserves, and catering to huge corporations at the expense of the majority of Americans? Why don't the people who vote for Bush see anything clearly? Why? Why? Why?

That said, here are some Halloween pictures. Ben looked really cute and Rito was ravishing.

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