Thursday, December 24, 2009

jen, this is for you

I do not know what to say because I've been so busy I haven't had the time to just sit down and think and just process stuff. I had a stalker at work the past few weeks, and then there were finals and then THE HOLIDAYS! So it's been police escorts, grading papers, buying presents, etc. for the past several weeks. And now it is Christmas Eve and it has all come so quickly. Benjamin is so, so excited for tomorrow morning. And Elliott is managing the holidays without screaming in everyone's face, which is the best I can ask of him. Benjamin didn't like holidays at all before. At ages two and three, he was like the cool teenager who is too aloof to enjoy the nerdy holidays. Probably he acted like this because he had sensory issues like Elliott does. But that's out the window now, and holidays are Ben's favorite time. He likes the candy and presents, yes, but he also loves socializing with both kids and adults. He enjoys dancing and signing and laughing, all of it. When he got an "O" for outstanding on his report card for socializing, I was so proud of him. Sure, he did great on the academic stuff too, but this is a kid who would barely look at me or hug me or speak to me, let alone others, and now he's one of the most popular kids in the class. All I want is for my kids to live well-rounded, happy lives, and I'm glad he's getting there. Elliott is getting there too. He told me "I love you, too" today and he's been saying "I did it!" a lot lately. His brain is on fast-forward for learning right now, and we're taking advantage of that. My sweet, sweet boys. Merry Christmas to everyone!