Friday, June 30, 2006

don't ever stop, okay?

The weird thing about having a baby is that Benjamin loves me automatically, without pausing to think that there might be someone better out there. He doesn't have a choice. I'm his mommy. So he loves me. It is simple. I tickle him and play hide and seek and help him draw and read to him, and he thinks I am the best game in town. He laughs at the stupid, silly things I do, and he throws his arms around my neck. He loves me with everything in him, even when he has to go to time out. Even when I give him a shower because he pooped all over himself in his sleep. I know the day will come when he thinks I am lame, but I still hope that day won't come. I want him to always love me as much as he loves me right now.
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ben eating--and his cousin, brent!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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just not a talker

We're taking Benjamin into the doctor tomorrow to possibly get him referred to a speech therapist. He doesn't talk much. At all. In fact, if he says a word at all, he doesn't say it again, except a string of ma-ma-ma-ma-ma every once in a while. He is supposed to say like 10-15 words at this point, point to his body parts, and change the oil on our cars, and he does none of the above. I was looking into this program called Early Start for kids under 3 who have developmental delays. On the website for our regional office, there are a bunch of pictures of kids in wheelchairs, which did not encourage me to bring Ben there. I mean, his problem isn't that serious, is it? Is it? I just don't want a giant file to be formed, one that will follow him throughout school. I want him to get help without getting labeled.

We went to the beach yesterday, and it was gorgeous. It was Ben's first time at a real beach, and he was completely overwhelmed. I went into the ocean and he acted as if I would be swallowed up, never to be seen again. He finally took a nap under the sun shade and woke up distraught. Nothing would soothe him except a cereal bar, and that was short lived. So we took him home in Orange County traffic, screeching all the way. I had a nice time though, and we'll try it again. Just not this week.
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Friday, June 16, 2006

how dial-up is ruining my life

Oh I've got memories. And I've got stories to tell. But....I....just....can' because I'm stuck in SLOOOOOOWWWWWW dial-up hell. Dial-up internet should be illegal. It was definitely not created for Type A personalities. We moved last week, and I have been subjected to a week of dial-up, and as I sat there setting up the online class I teach in slow motion the other day, the thought crossed my mind that it would really be so much easier to just end my life there instead of waiting for the slower, less efficient death that would surely come to me as I waited for question #3 on quiz #2 to finally be accepted by Blackboard. I'm on someone else's computer right now, and I never want to leave. High speed internet is just so right. And natural. And American.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


How will I embarass you when you are older? Let me count the ways...Pooping in the bath tub on a regular basis was just superceded when you put your head in the toilet bowl last night, dipping your hair in the water and laughing.