Tuesday, June 27, 2006

just not a talker

We're taking Benjamin into the doctor tomorrow to possibly get him referred to a speech therapist. He doesn't talk much. At all. In fact, if he says a word at all, he doesn't say it again, except a string of ma-ma-ma-ma-ma every once in a while. He is supposed to say like 10-15 words at this point, point to his body parts, and change the oil on our cars, and he does none of the above. I was looking into this program called Early Start for kids under 3 who have developmental delays. On the website for our regional office, there are a bunch of pictures of kids in wheelchairs, which did not encourage me to bring Ben there. I mean, his problem isn't that serious, is it? Is it? I just don't want a giant file to be formed, one that will follow him throughout school. I want him to get help without getting labeled.

We went to the beach yesterday, and it was gorgeous. It was Ben's first time at a real beach, and he was completely overwhelmed. I went into the ocean and he acted as if I would be swallowed up, never to be seen again. He finally took a nap under the sun shade and woke up distraught. Nothing would soothe him except a cereal bar, and that was short lived. So we took him home in Orange County traffic, screeching all the way. I had a nice time though, and we'll try it again. Just not this week.

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