Friday, June 30, 2006

don't ever stop, okay?

The weird thing about having a baby is that Benjamin loves me automatically, without pausing to think that there might be someone better out there. He doesn't have a choice. I'm his mommy. So he loves me. It is simple. I tickle him and play hide and seek and help him draw and read to him, and he thinks I am the best game in town. He laughs at the stupid, silly things I do, and he throws his arms around my neck. He loves me with everything in him, even when he has to go to time out. Even when I give him a shower because he pooped all over himself in his sleep. I know the day will come when he thinks I am lame, but I still hope that day won't come. I want him to always love me as much as he loves me right now.

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Anonymous said...

He will never say you are lame because you have pictures of him with yogurt all over his face and proof that he poops on himself. It is called blackmail. I mean motherly love.