Sunday, March 19, 2006


Ryan and I are always late to jump on the television bandwagon, namely because we don't have friends, and the concept of word-of-mouth relies heavily on having friends. As an example, we didn't start watching the Sopranos until Season 4. We therefore only recently began watching the television showLost on dvd courtesy of Netflix. Ever since we started, we spend all free time not consumed by preparing legal documents for our lawsuit, feeding and diapering Ben, grading essays, and attempting to write watching the dvds. This week I told Ryan I was fully prepared to surrender all of my responsibilities so that I could watch the show full-time, and, you know, really devote myself. But then Ryan reminded me that we only have two more dvds of Season 1 left to watch, and that would be a poor decision because once we had watched all the episodes we would be left alone, jobless and very likely unshowered, with no new episodes to warm us. I know what he was thinking because I was thinking it too: It's too bad we don't have like twenty more dvds left because it would totally be worth it.

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Hana said...

Omigod, Steven and I are totally addicted to Lost too. We have only 2 more episodes of season 1 left, but apparently you can buy the other episodes on iTunes for like $2.00. Sorry - hope that didn't just totally ruin what remains of your social life.