Friday, April 21, 2006

best month ever

Things appear to be going well on the work front for Ryan and me, but I don't want to jinx it. I bought a really fancy suit, and that's all I'll say for now. This month, Benjamin has taken one more step towards boyhood. He had a horrible Easter. After a long visit at my parents' house during which Benjamin adamantly refused to nap, we got on the freeway and drove home, facing the wind and traffic that is inevitable on the 10 Freeway through the desert. The last leg of our journey, Ben decided to start screaming. He did not stop, even when we finally arrived, and he continued crying as we removed him from his seat. When Ben screams like this, it literally makes me consider jabbing a letter opener through my eye or choking myself until I am unconscious, just to escape the situation.

But that Benjamin, that screaming malcontent, disappeared this week, and it is glorious and creepy all at once. This week, Ben converted to the happiest baby on the planet. He's literally been laughing all week at the smallest things. He dances to the Beatles and Brendan Benson. He gives kisses and hugs and pretends to read books. He spins until he falls down. Ever since Monday, he's barely cried. Yesterday, he even ate a gyro and a giant piece of tri-tip beef at Market Night. Who is this baby? A new Ben is emerging, a happy, fun-loving, spirited young gent. Ryan and I love the change, but we are cautious. He's so happy, I say. And then I grow quiet and wonder if something is wrong. Like maybe he has malaria and the happiness is some sort of delirious state. No, he's just happy, I tell myself. And I try to enjoy it.

Pictures coming, I promise...

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