Sunday, May 28, 2006


We started looking for bigger houses this month. So we looked at one today, and lo and behold, it is awesome. Hardwood floors throughout, three bedrooms, two baths, a huge backyard, a garage, etc. Awesome. And relatively affordable. But here's the problem: we have to move in in a week and we have no money right now. We were thinking we'd start looking now, but we wouldn't actually move until July. So we thought, we shouldn't take it, yes we should, no we shouldn't, yes we should and then we punched each other in the face and passed out cold. But when we woke up, we were in the same dilemma. We have decided to take it. We will borrow money, sell ourselves on the street, and shine shoes just to make ends meet next month, but I think it will be worth it, don't you?

Benjamin played with some 7 year old boys across the street today. They drew pictures on the sidewalk with chalk, and Benjamin drew stripes on their sea monsters, cats and rabbits, and generally annoyed the older boys. Everywhere they went, Benjamin followed with his little pink lump of chalk. The older boys finally drew a zebra without the stripes, but Benjamin wasn't interested in this creation. He only wanted to ruin their other animals, the ones that didn't need any stripes. Benjamin is starting to be interested in playing with other kids now, and he eagerly follows them around, screaming with happiness when they notice him. One reason we are getting this bigger house is because we are thinking about having another kid next year. I know, however, that while Ben likes the kids across the street, he will probably want nothing to do with the new little intruder.

At least Ben will have his own room.

Speaking of which, I can't WAIT until Ben is older and he complains about Butthead #2 and I can tell him, hey, I lived in a motel for three months and shared one room with my brother and sister and mom and dad. Or, for a while my siblings and I didn't even have a room--we all slept in the living room because we were displaced by our relatives who came here illegally from Mexico.

It's going to be awesome.

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