Monday, August 14, 2006

maybe don't sing that song

I got to thinking about "Sing, Sing a Song," that song they always sing on Sesame Street, and I thought, maybe this isn't such a good message to send to our children. It instructs them to sing out loud, sing out strong, no matter how good a singer you are. With all of the talentless people already out in the world who think they are going to become famous via MTV or American Idol, why would we encourage this? Not everyone is going to be an astronaut or a doctor or a lawyer or a pop star. Some of you kids are going to work at Wal-Mart or be bricklayers. There's nothing wrong with that; it's just the truth. I'm tired of people that are incredibly confident in their lack of skills. So maybe instead of telling everyone they ought to sing a song, maybe just tell Tommy that he should sing a song because he has a beautiful, soothing voice. And if Susie wants to sing, in that awful high-pitched, tone deaf way she sings, maybe we should tell her to focus on athletics. After all, she has a great basketball shot, and she runs faster than Tommy. Maybe she won't be as famous as he'll be, and maybe people will call her a lesbian in high school, but she might just get a college scholarship. So, kids, you should worry about it if you're not good enough for anyone else to hear, and if you suck, stop fucking singing.

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