Monday, August 06, 2007


We just bought a house, as anyone who reads this might know. I found out today that there are roots growing into the pipes of the house, causing my toilet to repeatedly overflow and not allowing me to do laundry. We also found out that this isn't covered by our home warranty because NOTHING IS COVERED BY OUR HOME WARRANTY. Just to look at the pipe with a camera is going to cost nearly $300. I am happy to have this house, but I just feel as though I can't get ahead. I barely can get everything put away, let alone get to work on the outside of the house, where there are spiders, bricks, stones, planks of wood, and piles of leaves EVERYWHERE. I mean, I can't even do laundry or flush my toilet downstairs. I know I'm whining. I know there are people that don't even have toilets they can't flush. But if they did have one, trust me, they'd want to flush it.

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