Sunday, October 07, 2007

ben turns 3

We had a party on Saturday, the day after Ben's actual birthday. It started out pretty damn mellow, but by the end of the day, someone had fallen off of our front porch and sprained their ankle and someone else had pooped in the bath tub (okay, that last one was Ben). His preschool teacher gives him so much milk that by the end of the day he is constipated, and the only way we could get him to go was a combination of Benifiber and warm bath water. The boy who never stopped pooping is now constipated. Is this his teacher's version of passive aggression? Ben had a great time in his own way, which means that he barely acknowledged any of the thousands of children who roamed through our house and back yard. The only one he consistently likes is Isabella, and any time she turned her attention away from him, he looked stricken. Anyway, our house now looks like someone stepped on a land mine full of toys (minus the body parts). Pictures will follow.

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