Wednesday, December 17, 2008

thank you, nbc

I have a passion for really horrible reality television, and now that my semester is wrapping up and I'm almost done with my grading, I'm looking forward to a little show called Momma's Boys, produced by Ryan Seacrest, and my expectations are deliciously low. Here's the trailer:

I watched the first episode last night, and it was all that I dreamed it would be. (Racist mom + minorities dating her son = excellent reality television). I even made Ryan miss the Lakers game (a game they won by 1 point), and he admitted that it was worth it. It was definitely worth it.

Next up? That show Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher are making.

This is what I call celebrating the holidays.


Anonymous said...

Holy Chrystee fcuk!! Do you like torture??!! It's been a long time since i posted on this thang, but " Crazy Bitch Moms" gives you comfort??
Aren't you glad you passed the "Mom" test years ago!?
That racist babyhole has some serious problems! Some people should not be allowed to breed!!
Re: your two boys.....they will be guys are doing all the right things in an impossible situation....more than likely, they are genius types that will give both of you headaches for years to come.....but that being said, they will make both of you more than proud as well.....lots of love to the both of you!! I forgot how much I enjoyed your writing!!.....UM.....PS: i will check back more frequently, just to make sure you haven't killed anybody!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Diane said...

My sister loves the show, and now you have mentioned it. I guess I should watch so I can see what all the fuss is about.

Happy Christmas! to you and yours. The boys are the ages for some great fun around the holidays.


since Blogger and I don't seem to be friends today

JenBartlett said...

Aw that Tyra, you can count on her for some good trash production. I'm looking forward to that.

Happy Holidays!