Thursday, May 14, 2009

say my name

Last night, Elliott said all of our names. Well, all except one. Mine. He said Daddy and Ben and Mookie. (Mona was off sulking in the other room.) He even said Elliott, which seems to me to contain more complications and syllables than Mommy. But the good news is, he is talking more and making so much progress. He still throws tantrums and avoids eye contact a lot, but WAY less than before, so that is amazing news. Today, I spent $45 just on special snacks for him because he's suddenly become weird about textures. A small container of freeze dried vegetables alone costs FIVE DOLLARS. His special bread costs about double as well and I had to buy him protein powder to supplement because he won't eat meat now and he can't have any dairy. I'm also going to try to make him baked tofu, and I bought him these special flax snacks which are expensive and smell like mold, but he actually really likes them. Because that's just how he rolls.


Morgan said...

I would expect nothing less form E bones, he only likes the finest things in life!

JenBartlett said...

Well, at least he didn't call you another name! : )
That is so crazy how well that diet works though. It is worth all the effort and money since it works so well though.
You are so lovely.
Elliott and Ben (and Ry) are so lucky to have you.