Monday, August 23, 2010

looking up

Both of the kids had good days at school today. I no longer have strep throat. Let's see how many days we can go without a crisis! Here's to boring! Elliott is becoming more social and speaking in full sentences. Ben had less anxiety about school and is very excited for his first rootbeer float tomorrow. Apparently the floats are free but the PTA recruits you all night long. It's like a time share model. There's this one woman who constantly harasses us to join their cult of bitter mothers but I 1) refuse to be a part of their crazy and 2) don't have the ability to assemble fliers and run carnival booths. Homegirl needs to settle down.


Lauren Eleanor Lanning said...

There are so many things that I love about this post.

I feel like I haven't seen you guys in awhile, and I miss you!

angela said...

I miss you too!!!!

Smith5 said...

I really hate PTA for those reasons. It's like a Clique/Cult. It's scary.

Glad The kids like school and are doing well.