Tuesday, June 14, 2011

feeling better

Elliott peed normally all day today, so we are a little relieved. Yesterday was the first day of what was supposed to be his summer preschool program offered through the district. I intended to stay for about 20 minutes to observe and make sure the placement was appropriate. But when I got there and saw how severe the kids were, I decided to stay for a little longer. About an hour later, I was prepared to grab him and make a run for it. These kids were severe. They kept escaping from the teachers and one of them even ate crayons--twice. None of the kids said anything, and many of them were rocking or moaning or screaming. The teachers were doing their best, but this was not an appropriate placement for Elliott, as the law requires. After recess, (and after a girl with flailing limbs knocked Elliott flat on his back), I got him the hell out of there. It is for the best. I am looking forward to letting Elliott have a real summer with trips to the museum and the beach (in addition to his occupational, speech, and behavior therapies, which will continue). We may sign him up for a couple of classes here and there, but I'm taking the pressure off--all of us. Hopefully it will work out.

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