Wednesday, February 15, 2006

new york city... was a long weekend. I guess you could say that I got a refresher course on where my priorities are, and let me tell you, there is nothing better than sitting at home with your baby in one arm and your man in the other, watching a little Cinderella together.

The Slater Sisters (see the link on the left) had an amazing set at the Bitter End, and I think they are going to go platinum. There was a blizzard because that's what happens when I go to New York...blizzards...and I'm so happy to be back in California.

Before I left, I put Benjamin to bed and cried after he settled into his crib. I couldn't believe I would be away from him on the other side of the country for four whole days. I did better than I expected I would, but when I had time to myself, I would think about him and Ryan and how all I wanted was to be with them, and hoping I wouldn't die on the plane and never see them again because these are the types of things I think about which is why I'm the type of person who gets ulcers at the age of 25.

The night I got home, I put him down and he pointed at me and cried and his eyes begged me not to leave him again. Last night, he woke crying and wouldn't stop until I hugged him. I'm hoping tonight he will believe me when I tell him that I won't be gone in the morning.

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