Thursday, March 15, 2007

ben's first friend

The last two days, I've taken both of the kids to the park, a feat I'm quite proud of, given that maneuvering two children is much more complicated than I had expected. It involves a complex strategy of getting Ben to count to twenty as I tie Elliott into the carrier. If I don't finish before twenty, Ben starts whining. Otherwise, it works out. In any case, the last two days, Ben has met up with a new friend named Jason, who is two years old. Jason has much more hair than Ben and he speaks a lot better. I tend to think that kids who speak better than Ben are annoying, but I've warmed up to Jason, as he is really nice to Ben. Ben usually doesn't like other kids, and goes running off into the field by himself, but he likes Jason too. He and Jason spend hours running chasing each other all over the park, trying to tickle each other, and laughing. Jason has other friends besides Benjamin, but Benjamin isn't interested in any of them. When Jason turns to play with his other friends, Ben says, "J?" Sometimes he says, "J, where are you?" And Jason will return his attention to Ben. I am so happy that Ben, who normally runs away from 10 month olds, is actually playing with a kid at the park that should Jason need an adoption, I will definitely volunteer. On another note, some little creep named Hayden shoved Ben down the slide today. I wanted to climb up there and strangle the little bastard, but I had Elliott on my chest. And I'm an adult.

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Anonymous said...

Ben will have many great friends as he goes through life. But it will be nice to look back on this blog and remember his first friend. He has a lot of friends but we are all adults. We do love our little man.