Sunday, September 30, 2007

the rapist of redlands

There is a rapist in Redlands this month. He locked some people in their house and beat and raped them. Am I scared? A little. But more than being scared, I am annoyed. I simply do not have time to fit a rape into my schedule. I'm really overwhelmed with work right now, the house is a mess, and the kids keep me busy all day long. Dealing with a rapist would be the last straw. I simply don't want to waste my energy kicking him in the balls and reporting it to the police; it would just be a nuisance. I imagine myself walking into the living room and the rapist is sitting there silhouetted in the dark, smoking a cigar, waiting to rape me--they are always so dramatic--and I sigh and turn the light on and ruin his ambiance and tell him, Dude, get the fuck out, I'm too busy for this shit, I've got papers to grade.

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