Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a form of torture

Benjamin wakes up in the morning, goes to the pantry and retrieves his morning smoothie, and Elliott sees that bright red box and he quickly crawls towards Ben, panting and drooling, and Ben curls his body around his drink, protecting his treasure. Elliott pulls himself up using Ben's lap as leverage, and Ben, still sucking away at his smoothie as quickly as possible takes a break and says, "No, Baby Ot. No, Baby Ot." Elliott pays him no mind and reaches his hand out and clumsily touches Ben's face and attempts to grab the box. Ben has had it. "No, baby!" He gets up and he goes to the dining room table and finishes his smoothie, and then he throws the box away so Elliott can't even play with that. When it is time for Ben's Cheerios, Elliott is far away, two rooms over in the kitchen, but the memory of the smoothie incident has scarred Ben. "No, baby!" Ben's says. He is filled with paranoia, but Elliott doesn't care about Ben's Cheerios. Not yet anyway.

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Hana said...

What is this child-friendly smoothie of which you speak??? We've been making Milo "YoBaby Milk" (put one Yo Baby in sippy cup, ad milk, shake) for breakfasts, but it would be great to give him something he can make himself.