Monday, May 05, 2008


Last night, Ryan and Michael tried to shove an armoire up our stupidly narrow, low-ceilinged old stairwell. I left them alone for awhile only to return and find them stuck on the stairs, sweating, straining, and asking for help. I dropped the kids off next door and we spent another twenty minutes trying jam that thing around the corner. I could not accept that it wouldn't fit. I'm still having a hard time with it. When it was all over, we had knocked a hole in the ceiling all the way down to the beam and pulled a stair completely off. Did we stop at this point? No. I got a hammer and I tried to make more room on the ceiling so that we could slip the armoire around the corner. I know it was stupid. But it was a crime of passion, passion for this armoire. In the end, Michael and Ryan had to haul the thing back down, and with each step, I feared for both of their lives. No one died, thankfully. Did I stop there? No. I tried to take the armoire apart by removing about 15 screws from it. Did this work? No. So I tried to saw the feet off of it. Did this work? Well, let's just say the bastard is sitting in our living room right now. In the end, I accepted defeat. And nailed my stair back down. I'm looking forward to spackling the ceiling this weekend. Next time, I guess I'll use my measuring tape.


FancyTulip said...

Oh that is so frustrating!! I completely understand your plight. I too have been afflicted with the brilliant concept, impossible logistics phenomenon. You could get a crane and lift it through the upstairs window??

Anonymous said...

Angela, you said that you always wanted a skylight. Now you have one. Man,I hope it doesn't rain anytime soon.