Thursday, August 28, 2008

off to a rockin' start

The kids' asthma has disappeared this summer. They've been healthy and happy all summer, with some minor exceptions. But I told Ryan that as soon as we start back at school, they would get sick. Horribly sick. And no matter what we did to keep up with our work, it wouldn't matter because our lack of sleep, the coating of germs and bodily fluids, those things would make us get woefully behind in every aspect of life--bathing, working, laundry, etc. And Tuesday night (after my second day back at work), Benjamin woke up with a fever of 103. And then the vomit started spewing. I canceled my office hours in the morning and took him to the doctor because Ryan was suddenly sick too. I worked late to make up my office hours and came home to the two of them collapsed on the couch. Then I woke up this morning with it. And now I am already so far behind in every aspect of my life.

Some people might say that kids get sick in the fall and winter, and this is to be expected. I say to those people, it is still summer. IT IS STILL SUMMER.

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