Wednesday, November 05, 2008

oh my god

I'm so happy I have no eloquence to express it. I don't think I could've lived with a McCain presidency, and in my head that was really never an option. I am elated today. When I see images of people of EVERY background crying, jumping, laughing, shouting with joy, it makes me so happy. We did it. We will make this country so much better. We will work hard and we will be inspired. We witnessed history last night and this is just the beginning.

One major disappointment last night was that Prop. 8 went through, a law which eliminates rights that already exist for homosexuals. This was largely funded and organized by "Christians." Because that's what Jesus would do. Eliminate rights for people. The Yes on 8 people were some of the most hateful people I have ever seen. They bashed their ideas into people's heads. They threatened and blackmailed and assaulted and stole. You know, the way Jesus used to. The worst part was that they claimed they were fighting for free speech and freedom of religion while really they were fighting to take those rights away from other people. Way to go. You all should be very proud.

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