Thursday, March 26, 2009

i wish i had a mac...

This always takes me way longer than it should. Thanks, Windows Movie Maker. In any case, I know I haven't posted in a while, and there are actually some developments.

Elliott is getting tubes reinserted into his ears next week. This time, Ryan is taking him because I was traumatized last time. This boy HATES the doctor. He doesn't like monitors attached to him, or strangers in his face, and he isn't afraid to let everyone know it. Elliott is starting to learn sign language and he's talking a little bit more, but we really don't know what the status of his hearing is. We've had about six hearing exams, but they've all been inconclusive, mostly because he will not sit still for any number of minutes. We are worried about this, but he's making progress so we'll just keep working with him to figure it out. This week: hair cut. Next week: surgery. He's got a full schedule ahead of him.

Benjamin is currently into "girl" toys. He has a Hello Kitty watch, a collection of Littlest Pet Shop animals, and a heart ring that he tells me is "beautiful." Today, I bought him a baby doll that comes with accessories (a cell phone, a bottle, a diaper) that fit into a flowery backpack. He proudly marched into Kid's Club at the Y and told everyone, "this is my baby back pack. Girls or boys can play with it." He gets strange looks here, but whatever, dude. If he's okay with it, I am. I'd rather he play with dolls than want to punch everyone in the face like most of the boys at the Y.

Here's a video of these amazing boys:


Katrina said...

I love the girly backpack! Jordy has a pink princess phone. When it gets opened a princess declares "I could dance all night". Joe is so embarassed by it!

Hopefully Elliot's surgery goes well, and is let traumatic for the little guy!

Diane said...

When oldest son was 5 years old, he used his own money to buy a twin bed size quilt at a yard sale.
$3, if I remember correctly.
The color was pale pink, with a pattern of magenta color ballerinas all over it.
It really was a nice quilt, and it fit his bed very well, for years.
When he was a teenager, he still had the quilt on his bed, but he put a brightly colored blanket on top so that when his friends came over, nobody could see ballerinas.

Tubes in ears are a mixed blessing. Here's hoping your little guy does just fine.