Friday, April 03, 2009


After an unfortunate incident whereby I shushed a teenager who was way out of line, an incident which escalated to the point where I was questioned by police, I have sworn to never confront people at the movies, no matter how rude they are. And, oh, it is hard for me. I have to push that temper of mine down so hard.

But really, teens and trashy adults, you make me not want to go to the movies anymore. And I know this topic has been overdiscussed, but it's more than just the talking. A man burped in my hair tonight. And he just didn't give a fuck. He was like, bitch, you are in my living room and I'm going to burp in your hair. Except we weren't in his living room. Ryan and I had just paid over 30 dollars for tickets and candy and popcorn, nearly 40 for dinner and 40 more for the babysitter.

But I kept my mouth shut, and, voila, no incidents involving the police.

That said, the evening was still WAY worth it because we got to hang with Bridget and Eric and get out of the house.

As I put Ben to bed, he said, "Why are you leaving me, mommy? You don't love me any more?" And it would have broken my heart if I hadn't spent every second of today and most of my life proving how much I love those two kids. Sometimes mommy needs a break.

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