Thursday, April 23, 2009

progress and the neurologist

Yesterday, Elliott made more progress. He pointed to his eyes and Ryan's eyes when asked to do so, and he generally seemed calmer and happier. Today, we met with the chief pediatric neurologist at Kaiser. He wasn't the warmest man, but he seemed to know what he was talking about. He told us that Elliott is smart, but that it's a matter of "unlocking" that ability, and then he diagnosed him with autism spectrum disorder, which basically means he has a lot of autism symptoms without actually having autism. I am okay with this diagnosis because it means that we get a lot more help, both from Kaiser, and, after much bitchiness on my part, from the county regional center. The doctor actually thinks the prognosis is excellent because we are working with him so early. He seemed skeptical about the new diet we have Elliott on, but he said it wouldn't hurt, so obviously we will keep him on it. I got a whole book of exercises to do with him and I'm going to do a few a day and see how it goes. A lot of them are things that Ben will have fun with too. I have a renewed sense of energy about all of this. I feel like we can work him through this and that he will be fine, whatever the label they have put on him.

Thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and messages--it really does help. :)


Diane said...

There are days when I work as a TA Sub in a whole room of students within the range for symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The good news is that society is stepping up awareness and education.
The sad news is we are not sure what they will be doing when they "age out" of the school system.

I can say that having parents who do appropriate activities at home and who interact with staff and teachers makes a humongous difference with care plans and shows up in my Sub notes.

You are doing so many of the "right" things for your little guy.

Your love will lift him higher ;)


jim said...

Our little man will be just fine. You are all over this, as you are with all things relating to the boys and your life in general. He is going to be fine. You are already seeing some positive results due to your being so proactive.

Katrina said...

Joe and I are thinking of you guys! I think that you and Ryan are incredible parents- if anyone can best support little Elliot it is you guys! I am sure everything will work out just fine-although I can't imagine the stress it is causing now.