Monday, April 06, 2009

chapter 1 of ben's tell-all memoir of his childhood

We got puppies this weekend. We originally wanted one, but because the puppies were rescued from a terrible home in which one of them almost died, the woman we adopted them from wanted to keep them together. And they were so freaking cute (see below). And so sweet. But then we started to read stuff about what a bad idea it is to get two puppies at the same time. Especially from the same litter. ESPECIALLY of the same sex. ESPECIALLY if you have small children. The family who rescued the puppies told us if it didn't work out, they would take them back, so after a lot of anxiety and hard thinking, we called the family we adopted from and told them we could either keep one of them or neither one. This seems to be the kindest, most understanding family, and they decided to take them both back.

Ok. Great. But now I had to tell Ben that Martin and Lewis (Ryan had a hand in the naming) were going away. He cried, "But I wanted to love them forever and ever" and "I don't want another dog" and "BUT I LOVE THEM."

He was so earnest and sad and I felt like the worst person ever.


david and jenny said...

People are so strange about dogs...they don't need to be together. It was more for the people's well-being and not the dogs'. You know I love animals and all, but a good home to one is better than for two...more attention! I think the people are in the wrong for saying that. Poor Ben!

kindra said...

Aww, I'm so sorry he didn't work out. Maybe it was for the best. When it's the perfect timing, you will have a dog...and hey, just another thing Ben can blame you for when he gets older...that's why we do what we do as parents right? lol

Katrina said...

Oh that is so sad! Poor Ben! Not to worry, I am sure he will forget about it in a week or so!