Friday, April 03, 2009

two little friends

We are still so worried about Elliott, but after a severely frustrating day yesterday, one of the many days during which he screams and throws things all over the house, often containers filled with sticky fluids that I will have to scrub from our floors and couches, he had an amazing day today. He was happy and calm and loving and he really is such a beautiful, BETTER THAN NORMAL-LOOKING boy when his face isn't twisted up in fury. And best of all, he and Ben played outside together for a really long time this afternoon. They chased each other, slid down the slide, squealed, and laughed, and it was completely their own thing--a secret shared between them, what Sally and David and I had a very long time ago. I thought, this is why I had two of them. So they can have these moments together, something in some ways I am so wholly not a part of. There will be no one else they can complain to about Ryan and me who will understand as well as they do. And I think that is a good thing.

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Katrina said...

There is nothing like complaining about your crazy parents with your siblings! My sister and I can laugh for hours about good 'ol ma & pa! Joe can commiserate with you on the frustration of little ones. He is rapidly approaching insanity while I am on nights and sleeping all day! Hang in there...they have to grow up eventually! I truly wish we lived closer so we could throw all our kids together and let them have temper tantrums all over eachother and we could laugh!