Sunday, September 27, 2009

interruption in your service

Hey all four of you out there who read this,
I've got a message for you.
While I get my life back in order, I will be posting updates less frequently.
But know that we are okay, that we are getting through this time, that our family is happier than ever, even though everything is crazy with a capital C.
Plans for October:
Move, throw Ben the best birthday party ever, write a self-evaluation and then get observed by four colleagues, get tenure approved (yay!), start a new battle with Inland Regional Center for services for Elliott, see a brand new DAN! doctor for Elliott in Irvine.
And if I make it through to the other end of this month, then I will spend a whole day watching Oprah and eating oatmeal in my pajamas. Because that's how I roll.


Anonymous said...

make that 5 who read your blog!!.....UM

Anonymous said...

Make that six. I love reading your blog and checking out your pictures, except for the ones of me. It reminds me too much of my days on the Sonny and Cher show.

Katrina said...

Good luck with the move...I feel your pain!! You will survive it all!

JenBartlett said...

Hang in there!
Ang, it was really great to see you.
Your kids are such cuties! You are doing a great job that only a loving mother could do. You are a loving mother. You're awesome. I wish I was there so you could give me some Ativan. : )

But, I wouldn't require you to break a toenail doing it. I'd be easy on ya. Only minor tantrums and I'd let you change my shirt if I had applesauce on it.

Hey, that was supposed to make you feel better.

the secret word is swadrum.

Love ya.