Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1st broken bone

Elliott broke his elbow yesterday. He fell off of the bench he was standing on at the breakfast nook. He tries to stand on this bench all of the time, and we tell him to sit down all of the time, but this time he fell down right on top of his elbow. At the time, I was at the Regional Center fighting with a duty officer who was a horrible person. No one went to this really important meeting on Elliott's behalf because his coordinator went on maternity leave. I've been asking about what would happen if she missed the meeting for the past month, and the RC wouldn't give me any info on her replacement. It's not like it was a surprise that she went on leave. SHE WAS PREGNANT. In any case, not only did they miss this important meeting, but they neglected to contact me about it. And when I tried to call, the phone just kept ringing and ringing. So, in a rage, I drove down there. As soon as I had resolved the issue (whatever that means with the RC), I got a call from Ryan saying he was rushing Elliott to the emergency room because he had fallen, he was screaming, and his arm was swollen. Elliott continued to scream for 3 hours as they took x-rays, examined him, and finally put a cast on him. Some lady in the waiting room asked Ryan why he was screaming so much. Good think we don't carry guns on us. We'd be in hiding by now.

In any case, his cast and his sling are very sad, and he keeps tugging at them to get them off. He doesn't understand, and I think that's the worst part. I also feel really guilty for some reason. I guess that's just being a parent.


jim said...

Elliott's handling the cast as if it weren't even there. He was just amazing to babysit this evening. I just love him so much. And he is really starting to talk. Broken bone and all, he's an amazing little man.

Lauren Eleanor Lanning said...

Poor E!!! Give him hugs and kisses from me!!!

P.S. I love that one of the tags on this is "Old ladies I want to shoot". You're awesome.

Katrina said...

Poor little guy! I can understand feeling guilty, I keep telling Jordan to sit down too, but they just don't listen! Jordan has fallen off the chairs a million times! Luckily no broken bones yet, but I am sure it will happen eventually...not looking forward to that day!