Sunday, December 19, 2010

break time

After a very long semester, our grades are submitted and we are chilling at home with the kids. Ben's playing his DS, Elliott is playing his mini basketball game in the kitchen, and Ryan is watching the Lakers suck it up on television.

Ben won three awards at school on Thursday and they gave him certificates to two places where we don't want to take him. Arcades and bad pizza are involved--he wins, we lose. We are very proud of him for his progress this semester and he's so much happier and settled in to school.

Elliott, too, has made huge strides this month. He is more social and copies everything Ben says and does. He is also an avid teller of knock knock jokes.

The boys are so funny and kind and I'm looking forward to spending the next few weeks off together. We're going to create some kind of schedule for them (and us) so we don't lose our minds and they don't get too bored.

My Christmas shopping is also finished, yo. Because I'm fucking awesome.


Smith5 said...

we should get together!!!

angela said...

I would love that! Mornings or after 4pm would work best for us. You?