Sunday, August 28, 2005

some sort of crossroads...

Q: Hey! How are you!?

A: What I want to say: Today I was driving down the 30 and I saw rays of sunshine shooting from stout little clouds illuminating a dusty gravel pit below. It was gorgeous. It should have been photographed. I should have photographed it. I should quit driving to this ulcer-inducing job (the acid is literally burning from my esophagus straight through my rectum) and go home and pick up my 35mm and take this picture and subsequently become a famous photographer. But no, I keep driving and buy a chai latte because coffee burns so bad and make up a lesson plan and email hundreds of confused students and finish reading Hamlet and go and tell my bosses I simply love teaching online even though I want to teach in person, to connect with my students and it takes hours longer to explain one little concept online than it does in person and tell you I'm fine fine fine when really I'm tired and lonely and know you don't trust me and I want to hold my baby boy and smell his hair.

A: What I really say: Great. I'm great. Great.

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