Monday, August 29, 2005

thank you, r. kelly

R. Kelly is officially insane. But in a good way. On the Video Music Awards, he acted out one of his many music videos where he is hiding in the closet of the house of the woman he's just had sex with, brandishing a gun. This particular R. Kelly-hiding-in-the-closet video is actually titled "Trapped In the Closet," and holds an ingenius double-meaning. The married woman R. Kelly's had sex with, her husband is cheating on her with a man. He's the closet...get it? R. Kelly is inexplicably walking around with a gun, everyone's yelling at each other, it is utterly out of control. Then, then, R. Kelly comes out on stage alone and acts out the rest of the video. He is obviously lip-synching, but about halfway through, he gives up and simply pantomimes the plot. There's no way to keep track of who is who--he's acting out four different characters. I'm fairly sure there's a guy with a boombox who stands in the 42nd St. subway in New York and performs the same act for loose change. Is R. Kelly serious? Yes, he is. If I wanted R. Kelly to do something just to please me at his own expense, he couldn't have thunk up anything more delightful. So thank you, R. Kelly. I was feeling down, and you lifted me up. I believe I can fly.

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